Protein Is Not Enough

By: Martin Rooney Category: Sports Special

That means, a 150-pound individual would need up to 150 grams of protein per day, just to maintain his current muscle mass. And, an individual who wants to weigh 170 pounds would need up to 170 grams of protein per day, to achieve his desired muscle gains.

Of course, the problem is, most people focus only on protein consumption, i.e. the primary building blocks of muscle...and they ignore (or aren't aware of) the importance of keeping the body properly fueled, in order to build that muscle and maintain the muscle they've worked so hard to build.

You see, consuming protein will only make your muscles grow if your workouts are regular...and of high-quality and high intensity.

And, the only way to continue blasting out high-quality and high-intensity workouts on a regular basis is by keeping your body well-fueled...while you're in, as well as out of, the gym.

In this report, we are going to talk about those other key nutrients that are usually missing from most people's muscle-building programs (aside from the obvious "protein" component.)

So, if you're tired of spending hours at the gym and force-feeding yourself with protein, and still not being able to build muscle fast enough, pay close attention to the tips provided below...

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