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A gluten free diet is a diet which contains foods that lack the protein gluten. This protein gluten is found in barley, malts, wheat and rye. In most cases it is as a thickening agent or as dextrin. This diet is the only diet that is proven medically to help in treating the Celiac disease commonly referred to as the wheat allergy. Eating of this diet helps in controlling the signs and symptoms of the disease.

This diet presents the individual with very minimal levels of gluten other than complete absence. This is because the exact levels that cause the celiac disease are not defined but to be on the safe side one is required to stick to the diet.

Just like any other diet that is aimed at checking medical conditions, this diet is not an easy one to get used to. This is because in the early stages of the diet plan, one may feel deprived by the restrictions involved. But an individual is required to get used to it and with time he or she will find how many more gluten free products are available to their disposal.

Some of the gluten free foods include whole nuts, beans, fresh meat, poultry, fresh eggs, seeds, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and most dairy products. From these, one can see that although the diet might be challenging to stick to, there are verities of gluten free foods.

During this diet it is very important to watch out for some other foods that contain gluten but can be ignored. A good number of grains and starchy foods also do not contain this protein. A good example of this includes arrowroot, millet, amaranth, flax, buckwheat, corn, rice, potato, soy and even sorghum.

In our day to day life it is a daunting task to avoid wheat because of the other wheat products that come in varieties. But one suffering from the celiac disease has to avoid wheat and its products at all costs. Some of the products to avoid include Farina, spelt, Bulgur, Graham flour, Kamut, Durum flour and even Semolina.

During this diet, one has to avoid other products that may be contaminated with wheat not unless they are labelled 'gluten free'. Some of these products can include beer, French fries, candies, pastas, some salad dressings, bread, gravies, crackers and cookies, self basting poultry, seasoned rice mixes, also seasoned snack foods and soup bases.

Sticking to this diet helps the individual suffering from the celiac disease to fight the harsh signs and symptoms of the disease. Therefore it is important to constantly use gluten free foods throughout their life. Unfortunately this diet alone cannot cure or completely bring to an end the signs and symptoms of the disease therefore other medications can be prescribed by a doctor to aid in the curing process.

So as we move deeper into this beginner’s guide one will understand what a gluten free diet is in a bit more depth. Learn about the benefits, and also the remedy for the celiac disease. This diet is medically proven to reduce the adverse effects of the disease in the body as seen and discussed above, for further details of how to get the full book fill in the contact us form click here for Gluten Free Living.

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