About Us

FOCUSED NUTRITION is all about sharing the knowledge , the how to, to develop body and mind to be the best it can be for you, your hobby, your sport, your family, your club, your business, hell you don’t even need an excuse, just do it !

Being focused on nutrition will pay dividends whichever way you look at it, personally or professionally. 

We have been involved all the while, with a long pedigree in this healthy eating area.      

We were one of the earliest health food retailers in the region*, as well as being one of the first companies to work with the National Health Service system here in the UK. We provided healthy option food choices within the region’s hospitals and teaching universities for all, patients, visitors and staff on site.

We were one of the originators of the specialist food restaurants in the region. Our menus boasted an array of non-meat meals of multi-national origin, that received wide acclaim both from customers and the trade reviews at the time. To compliment our distinctive menu we were involved in introducing lambic and other specialist great tasting  beers from Europe, Duval and the fantastic Chimay range(serving in their own unique glassware) to partner up with our Great British wines, juices and sparkling Gooseberry Champagne.

Having featured on Sky TV, local radio and the national newspapers for a number of interesting topics over the years, in our guise we are now offering healthy option snack food on the go for our busy lives. We have received awards for manufacturing excellence from our peers, being nominated for Best New Start up and Innovative New Product launch along with certificate for contributions to Healthy Eating.  These pages will act as your reminder, catalyst, inspirer and butt kicker, BUT only if you read them, listen to them, comment on them, TAKE ACTION – nothing will happen till you do, your responsibility.

Exercise, oxygen, circulation, flexibility and an inquisitive nature will all help provide the optimum nutrition for body, mind and spirit.

Now go and get Focused!                                                                to you healthy Lifestyle